On the Hard

Yep.  Autumn Dream was hauled about 3 weeks ago.  October Weather becomes too unpredictable around here to leave her in the water much longer than that.

Last weekend we had some stunning weather, but last night we had Torrential downpours, lightening, and extremely gusty North East winds.  We also have had a mild freeze this past week.

We were happy she was safe and secure.  All bottled liquids and food have been removed, linens brought home for washing, systems drained and blown out.  The engine has been flushed with Fresh water and purged.

She’s had her decks and house scrubbed and inspected for any issues.  The new eco friendly copper free water based bottom paint worked very well, there was almost nothing stuck after the gentle power washing when she was hauled.  However some areas were worn away down to the bare hull, right thru the red bottom indicator coat (rubbing against the mooring line).  I have touch-up painting to do in the spring.  I need to take a few photos before we put her cover on.

The use of anhydrous lanolin on the Prop and Shaft was not as effective as we had hoped to keep the barnacles away, though when Kevin dived on the prop in September he did say it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  We may have to paint the shaft with bottom paint next season.

Kevin double checked his winterizing list to make sure all the various spots were drained and any zincs removed inside wet areas for replacement (and draining).

Kevin has greatly improved many of the winterizing processes – including how he uses compressed air to blow out the water lines, and the special gizmo he created to enable us to run the engine with a fresh water hose to flush out all the salt water.

Kevin and I are preparing our winter project list.  This weekend we will put up the frame and canvas cover.  She is in a much better location this season and the solar panels will get sun all day – and she will be much warmer on the inside from the solar gain as well.  Photos of the bottom job will be posted soon. I promise 🙂


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