Lanolin on the Shaft and Prop

You may recall that we decided to try using anhydrous lanolin applied to the propeller and shaft to prevent barnacle growth this year.
How well did it work? Did it work?

Well, the answer is, we think it worked “a bit”.

The propeller may not have gotten as fouled and full of growth as in previous years. Kevin had to dive on it only once this season, in September, when he noticed he wasn’t’ getting as much speed at the same engine RPM any longer. And he said that it didn’t look as bad as in previous years (from underwater of course). He was able to clean it up (underwater) reasonably well, except for having the scraper disintegrate and fall off the plastic handle.
Note: must try and find stainless steel scrapers instead of the mild steel- they rust and fall apart mid-use every time.

After Autumn Dream was hauled, further evaluation was that, maybe, yes, the shaft and prop were not quite as bad in previous years. Kevin scraped most of the calcium off this Sunday (when it warmed up above freezing!), but more cleaning will be needed.

So we aren’t really 100% sure. We may paint the shaft with the copper-free bottom paint next season, but haven’t decided yet.
We will try the lanolin again – maybe put a thicker coat on (if that is possible!).
The good news is that the anhydrous lanolin is not expensive, and it is not harmful to the environment, so at worst case, my hands get a nice “moisturizer” effect during application.


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