Bottom Job – part 1: removing the old bottom paint

Finally, the long awaited post about the Bottom Job.
Why did Autumn Dream get a bottom job? If you recall, she was built in the early 70’s. We don’t know how many coats of bottom paint, or what type of paint, she received over the years. What we did know, was that the paint was so thick that it would fall off in large sheets. And every season, when I tried to apply ‘touch up’ to the spots that were down to the bare hull, or showed very old previous paint, more paint would end up on my roller or brush – again large chunks and sheets- than was actually applied.
In summary, she NEEDED to get all this old crap off her bottom, and start again.
It would also be a good time for a full inspection of her actual hull. We had not seen any obvious blistering, but with all that paint, how could you? We could only imagine how many pounds of excess weight we were trying to push around, and the excess resistance to forward motion, with that very uneven, heavy bottom.

First Step: Remove all the old bottom paint. Shaw’s boat yard did the bead blasting – which of course required the boat to be moved, masked, and because of all the environmental regulations, lots of protection and shielding for all the stuff that came off. They have to collect all the debris and used media afterwards.
Next post will be the beautiful bottom without the old paint.

Masking for media blast

Masking for media blast

capturing the debris

capturing the debris


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