Beatiful day, Calamari…..

Yes, We’re back! I’ll try to post part 2 of the bottom job by the end of the week – now having to catch up on WORK.
Yesterday (Sunday) was a beautiful early winter/late autumn day. We have both had colds but wanted to get out of the house and get some fresh air, so first we went to our favorite Chandlery- Marine Consignment of Fall River – to pick up a few things. Turns out our old horn had been sold (and installed on a truck!), so the total $$ spent was much less than expected. Nice Surprise! Bought 2 remnants of Sunbrella to make the windlass cover.

Next, we had lunch on our minds. We tried to go to one restaurant (Family Ties) because it was recommended, but after we were ignored for 5 minutes while standing at the “please wait to be seated” sign we left. Next we tried our ‘usual place’ the 4 corners grill – at 1:30 they had about a 20 minute wait, so again we left.

We were HUNGRY. I used TripAdvisor and found the “Atlantic Sports Pub”. Normally we wouldn’t go to a generic sports bar, but the reviews said it was not your typical sports pub. Wow. The dining room was isolated from the bar so we didn’t have to listen to the Patriots game and all the noise (Bar was very crowded).
Yes, there were TV’s everywhere, but no sound.
The menu was a surprise – mostly Portuguese items. We both decided on the Caesar salad with calamari – and selected Asian Style. Wow. Did I say Wow? The squid was incredibly fresh and tender, with only a very thin coating of batter. The sauce was definitely Thai, as described, and had a nice bite without being icky-sweet. Portions were HUGE and I had 1/2 left for lunch today. Still good after reheating (not the salad of course!) in the microwave. YES. We will go back again and try some other menu items.

After that very happy surprise, we drove to the Emilie Ruecker Wildlife Reserve Auduban sanctuary for a nice walk. What a great spot.

Then, back home for a cup of coffee! Life is good.
Kevin says- we live here! We get to live here! It really is great here on the south coast.


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