They don’t make them like they used to

Hooks, Eyes, and Loops

Hooks, Eyes, and Loops

I needed to replace a hook on an item of clothing, and reached into my sewing box – actually a Plano tackle box and pulled out this card with Hooks, eyes, and loops. Hadn’t looked at it in a very long time, and realized that this is an antique! I think it came from my grandmother’s sewing box.
Note that after probably 50 years, not a dot of rust anywhere.
They just don’t make stuff like this any more!

We tend to try and repurpose, re-use, and recycle everything possible. It is in our nature, and saves us lots of money. We tend to get offended when an item of clothing or shoes wear out – they should last forever!
Clothing gets repaired. Jeans get patched until they fall apart- and then they are used to make chafing gear, or the ‘good parts’ are cannibalized for patches on the next pair of jeans. Hardware, wood, fabric, lots of stuff is good for other purposes. We do truly try not to be pack rats and hoarders, so today we made a trip to the Salvation Army to donate a bunch of clothes and stuff we just won’t be using any more.
Craiglist is great for selling some things (and buying or trading!) When we can’t give something to the Salvation Army (like a perfectly good, almost new mattress) we post it for free on Craigslist. Usually taken within 10 minutes.


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