Updating a Telephone Table

We had an old telephone table.  I think my mom bought it at a yard sale or flea market for about $10, many years ago. It was sturdy, and made reasonably well, with some type of hard wood and veneer.

The finish was not very nice- someone tried to refinish it with streaky wood grain looking stripes, and the top had a large water stain thanks to a potted plant that leaked many years ago.

This table has been very useful as a catch-all and one day we said… what if we paint it red and put new handles on it?  So we did.

Kevin removed the wooden knobs, filled in the holes, sanded the finish, and I put a coat of primer and a coat of finish (both red) on the table.  If you are painting a small piece of furniture (or shelves) then you really want to use Painter’s Pyramids- these are GREAT.  The table legs were elevated and I could paint all the way to the bottom without missing any spots (or painting it to the work bench)

Then we put these cute pewter or nickel handles on it.  The handles are a remnant of the original hardware in the kitchen when we bought the house.  They were terrible for a kitchen drawer, but here they look nice.

There are only a few things we saved from the old kitchen:  5 sand dollar handles, the corner wine cabinet (that Kevin restored), a wall clock now  hanging in his workshop, the island (that we put castors on) and a buffet/wall cabinet that we put a granite counter top on.

After sanding with the holes filled in

After sanding with the holes filled in


Painted and finished

Painted and finished


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