Painting, Painting, and more Painting

It is the coldest part of the winter here in MA, and too cold to do most projects on Autumn Dream.  Most of the work I seem to have done for her lately involves writing checks!  Winter Storage, Mooring Fees, new parts and gizmos to be installed in the spring…

So, as it is winter, we are Nesting.  Trying to finish some of the interior work on the house so we can focus our energies on Autumn Dream once the weather starts to turn, and we get more solar gain.

The one room we did not work on when we moved in was the living room.  The paint color (sand?) was not offensive, but too cold for our liking.  The previous owners let their pet rabbit chew on the base board molding – so it look terrible and needed to be replaced – it is two part molding so only the cap needed to be removed and replaced.  We had removed the radiators when we installed the radiant floor heating – and the walls were repaired but the molding there had to be finished as well.

So, here we are.  The “Feature wall” with the fireplace painted a very Mediterranean shade of Honey (yellow/Orange). The wall with the French Doors painted with a warm shade of green we have in our bedroom and the den. The old damaged molding cap removed, walls repaired, base repaired and first coat of primer on.  Window frames repaired.  Door frame repaired.  First coat of ceiling paint done- and WOW what a different the ceiling paint made.    We know it was dingy but didn’t realize quite how bad.  Our goal is to finish EVERYTHING by the end of the day on Sunday – second coat of ceiling paint; prime and paint 3 windows, one door frame, and all the base molding, and finish paint on the last two walls.  Wish us luck!

Then I can finally start making that cover for the Anchor Windlass!

…. we added a link to another blog on the “blogroll”  some of you might be interested in.  Enjoy!


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