If you can’t find what you want, just build it yourself



Painting is mostly finished! Wednesday afternoon Kevin finished the ceiling and I painted the two remaining walls. Thursday I primed the base molding, and Friday afternoon I painted the molding, and two door frames. Kevin installed the replacement cap molding.
And of course, after we finished – Victory Coffee!

Only the windows in the room remain, but I need a break from painting! In the mean time, furniture has been arranged, rugs put back down, and the artwork is hung. Our living room is finally liveable again!
Next painting jobs: the 3 windows, then the entry way is next. In there I have only one wall remaining to paint, plus the door molding and one section of floor molding, and of course, the ceiling – but it is all small stuff. Then painting will move upstairs again, but maybe after we retire.

When we bought this house, there was no box in the ceiling in the dining area for a light over the table. During our major remodel the first year, the electrician added a box and light switch for us. After looking all over, we ended up with an Ikea light that we liked.
This year we decided we should add a ceiling fan/light over the dining table so we can have the doors open on those sultry days, and enjoy the view but have a breeze. After much searching on the internet, we couldn’t find anything we liked – even in fans that were up over $500.00.
Finally, we had brainstorm- buy a GOOD Hunter fan with a light kit – cannibalize the parts we need, and install our Ikea light as the light. Kevin already had a Fan/light remote unit (from our Ashland house) so we didn’t need to buy one with a remote.
After Kevin finished painting the ceiling, he did what was needed to wire and assemble the custom light kit onto the fan.
Ta-Dah! We have exactly what we want, and didn’t spend “too much” money for something that didnt’ quite meet our needs. Now he is busy in the workshop building a custom box for the control.


One response to “If you can’t find what you want, just build it yourself

  1. GMCarmichael@aol.com

    Very good effort!

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