Eagle Sighting and the Big Blizzard

Since people have been asking- yes we survived!  We had approximately 23 inches of snow- though due to drifting in some areas we had about 5 feet, and almost ‘nothing’ in a few spots.  Dug out with the help of our handy Honda Snowblower with tracks.  This thing is great.  We bought it for the “driveway from hell” in Ashland and it certainly has been handy here in Somerset!

Never lost power, and yes, we had plenty of food.  We don’t know why people insist on hoarding bread and milk, but we just avoided all stores on Monday.

On a happy note- looked out the window this morning and saw a “third year” juvenile bald eagle harassing the Bufflehead ducks.  Never saw them make such large splashes when diving – but they were diving for their lives, not food!

How do we know it was a third year Juvenile Bald eagle?  Thanks to “Dr. Google” of course.  It had white patches on the chest and back and was enormous, and FAST, swooping and diving.  It’s great living here on the Taunton River.

Here are two links that helped with making the ID:




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