Victory Coffee

We have spoken about this a few times- Here is Victory Coffee for your enjoyment!  The odd looking thing with a red light on it is the “Milk Island” platform for our coffee maker.  There is a carafe that you put milk into and fit onto here, and it steams milk for Lattes without the mess.  When the milk carafe is not sitting on there, you have this funny sugar bowl that protects the connections.  We don’t use sugar.

We have tried the milk island once so far, not bad but not foamy steamed milk you want for Cappuccinos.

I want to add that we have SHAMELESSLY lifted the concept of “Victory Coffee” from Drift Away/Bleecker Mountain Life blogs ongoing discussions about “Victory Beer”.  Thanks Dave for the excellent blog entries- keep them coming!  We lift our coffee mugs to you in a toast!

Victory Coffee!

Victory Coffee!


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