Live Music in Fall River

I may have blogged about this before.  If I have, I apologize for repeating myself.

We have a wonderful live music Venue just across the river here in Fall River called the Narrows Center for the Arts.  They are on the 3rd floor of an old mill building, have a few Artist Studios, a gallery space, and of course, live music.  It has become a popular place for some fairly well known groups to come play.  Their major failing is that they do not advertise, and rely on word of mouth, email, and people checking performer’s schedules to see who is playing there.

Last night we attended an incredible performance by Jesse Cook, a “nuevo Flamenco” guitar player.  We happened to see him on PBS (fundraising time of course), did a quick search, talked to a friend, and found out he was going to be playing HERE on Tuesday before his two bigger performances at the Wilbur Theater in Boston on Wednesday and Thursday.  We immediately got tickets.  Went with Dave and Pat and managed to snag a table for the evening.

There was a good sized crowd there, but there would have been more if people actually knew he was going to be there.  This is my bit for the Narrows-a little advertising.  They allow you to bring food and beverages, and sell Coastal Roasters coffee and snacks.

The best part, after a great evening?  It was a 10 minute drive home!  If you live anywhere in the area, you really should check out the Narrows.  We have seen Hapa, Greg Brown, Tom Rush, the Red Mollies, a few forgettable performers (we won’t mention them by name), and there are plenty of others – check it out!


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