Last Baguette in Fiji

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while…  Last Saturday (March 28) we returned home from a fantastic 10 days in Fiji – after over 30 hours of traveling…. a bit worn out and jet-lagged, but tanned and happy.

A big BULA! to all the wonderful “7 day” people who were on the Blue Lagoon Fiji Princess cruise with us.  A fantastic group of people, who made our vacation one to remember.  I don’t recall laughing continuously for so long… ever!

Also Vinaka Vaka levu to the crew of Fiji Princess – you couldn’t ask for nicer people, always laughing and smiling, who made the experience exceptionally relaxing.  We had no idea what day it was, and it was all over before we knew it.

Somewhere in Fiji

Somewhere in Fiji

The photo above is a teaser of the clear turquoise waters and mostly empty islands we visited.

Below is what we woke up to on Sunday Morning in Somerset.  Most folks said it was payback for enjoying the South Pacific for 2 weeks.

Yes, More Snow!

Yes, More Snow!

Would we go back again?  hmmm, well…. probably not.  We had a great time and have absolutely no complaints.  We are thrilled we were able to go, and enjoyed everything about it…but it was such a long trip, we are not sure it would be worth the cost and time to do it again.  If you want to go to Fiji, definitely go.

Fiji is not “Polynesia”.  If you want “Polynesian”, you are better off going to Hawaii or Tahiti.

And the meaning behind the title of this entry?  On our last day we spent the day at the Sofitel.  They have a nice little French cafe (the Parisienne), and the prices are fair – especially for a resort hotel.  We went there for lunch (sandwiches) and I happened to get the LAST baguette.  There were no more.  Other people came after and asked, and were sadly informed… no more baguettes today.  So technically, it was the last Baguette at the Sofitel, not all of Fiji…. but that just isn’t as catchy, (or kitschy)

We did get to Autumn Dream this past weekend and are in the process of pulling out her leaky starboard water tank.  NOT an easy task, 2 days so far and not yet free…  we have to disconnect lots of other stuff first.  More boat work will be discussed in the next blog entry (yah yah I have promised that many times before)…


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