Vacation video preview…

Last post I talked about our trip to Fiji….and mentioned the fun group of people we were with on the Fiji Princess.  Ben seemed to be everywhere, either with his SLR or a go-pro, taking photos and videos.  At the end of the trip, he said he would put together a DVD and send it to all of us.  Today he sent us a link to youtube… to the “preview”.  …  I hope you enjoy it!

Kevin has prepared his thoughts on the trip- we are now sorting thru photos and hope to post that in a few days.

Other random thoughts… We borrowed quite a few e-books from the library (for our now obsolete Kindle Fire readers) that were quite good entertainment.

I highly recommend Peter Allison’s “Don’t look behind you” and “Whatever you do, don’t run!”  Both are entertaining and great when you don’t want to think too hard…  Great airplane and beach reads.  I also enjoyed Elmore Leonard’s “Glitz”.  His books are great if you are a fan of mystery/noir (think “Get Shorty”, “52 Pickup”, and many more).


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