Good Boat Karma

We use (mis-use) the expression “good karma” and “bad karma” often when describing how things are going with any particular activity…

For example, there are some days when it seems like my sewing machine just doesn’t want to cooperate, the thread gets tangled, the need jams, and I say it is a bad sewing Karma day, and I stop.

Or we may be out shopping, with a ‘wish list’ of items we are hoping to find (at a good price).  Some days we find everything, on sale, and it is a good shopping Karma day.  Some days we find nothing, spend no money, and it is a bad shopping karma day.

This past weekend was full of “good boat Karma”.  Saturday morning we took off the cover – and identified where I need to repair split seams, etc.  We removed the frame for the cover.  Later Kevin and my son put both water tanks back into place.  By the end of the day on Sunday, the tanks had been secured, and all fittings connected.  He also found the cause of the ‘clogged head vent’ and fixed it, and quite a few other items on the checklist completed.  Things are progressing nicely towards launch before June 1.  The good weather certainly is helping (tho we do need rain!).

It was a good boat Karma weekend, and we are thankful.  Next step is to put water in the port side tank and check for any leaks.  After that, the Starboard (repaired) tank will be filled and tested.  And then of course, there is bottom paint touch up to be done… the list is still fairly long for pre-launch.


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