Finishing touches/making your own furniture and fittings

Kevin and I both firmly believe in building things that we want or need if we can’t find something that works – or the quality isn’t there.  We also really like the concept of recycling/upcycling.

We previously posted about the wine cabinet he salvaged from our old kitchen, and the book case he built (and I painted).  The finishing touch, that we were waiting to ‘get around to’ was some granite countertops.  We worked with Garcia Tile in Taunton for our Kitchen remodel (tile and granite) and Manny is friendly and has fair pricing.  These were fairly small counters, and he sent us to the yard to pick out a remnant.  The cost was for the labor – templating, cutting, polishing, and delivery/installation.  There were cut-outs needed on each for the door frame and the wire mold for the speakers…

We found a piece of granite that looked similar to soapstone.

Lastly…. we live in a Cape with a central stairway across from the front door.  In the cold of winter, when we keep the upstairs cooler than the first floor, you can feel the wind (no, not just a draft) as the warm air rushes up the stairs.  Not very efficient way to heat a house.  Our solution was to add a heavy drapery across the bottom of the stairway, and we wanted a curtain rod that could be installed close to the ceiling.  Couldn’t find anything we liked, and the ones we did find still were 2″ from the ceiling and ridiculously expensive – and made in China.

The solution- make it ourselves!  Kevin fashioned a curtain rod from copper tubing, end caps, and copper pipe hangers.  I made lined drapes with upholstery fabric (tapestry fabric) left over from other projects.  Add some clip-on curtain hooks, and Tah-Dah, floor to ceiling insulated drapes that can be moved out of the way easily when not needed, to keep the heat where it belongs.  It made a huge difference after we finished the project, especially this winter with the sub-zero temperatures.

Copper Pipe curtain Rod

Copper Pipe curtain Rod

Granite close-up

Granite close-up

Here is the finished book case and the Wine rack

IMG_6535   IMG_6539


One response to “Finishing touches/making your own furniture and fittings

  1. My mom did something similar for her staircase leading to upstair and the one going to thesummer den.

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