Getting Ready for Launch

The weather has been fantastic the last few weeks, enabling us to get lots of work finished on Autumn Dream and get her ready for launching.  She is looking good!

The water tanks are fully installed.  Kevin finished painting the inside of the lazarette and installed some dry deck on the ‘step’.  He also replaced the seal on the hatch cover and cleaned out the track so the water hopefully will drain out before it gets inside.  The edge of the hatch cover was ground down a bit so it would close more easily (and open more easily.  It was ALWAYS sticking!  He added some large plastic hooks inside to store the kayak paddles, Noodles (we tried these for the first time in Fiji –  why didn’t we ever have them before?), and brooms, etc…

Of course the steering gear was re-installed after the water tanks were finally back in place.

Starboard tank ready for install

Starboard tank ready for install

port water tank, installed

port water tank, installed

Water tanks installed and hooked up.  NO LEAKS!

Water tanks installed and hooked up. NO LEAKS!

Lets see… Kevin finished the installation of the stern light, and also replaced both navigation lights (port and starboard) with new LED navigation lights- you can see the red and green in the photo.  In this photo you can also see the ever-present MUSTACHE on the boat at the waterline.  This is thanks to the tannins in the water here.

Stern light

Stern light

New Port (red) and Starboard (green) navigation lights

New Port (red) and Starboard (green) navigation lights

Beth painted the pilot house port and starboard sides and doors, the main saloon sides (port, starboard, and aft) and the aft doors into the main saloon.  Autumn dream is now all painted topsides – and the same color everywhere!  The chalky (cheap) exterior house paint that was used on her by previous owners is now all covered with proper exterior marine paint.  The photo below shows one door painted.

Aft doors - bright white has been painted.

Aft doors – bright white has been painted.

The boot stripe (painted line at the water line) got a fresh coat of black paint, covering up the multiple colors that were there previously.  Then Kevin used some “miracle” Starbrite instant Hull cleaner and finally was able to clean off the “Mustache” that we have tried to remove with so many different products and methods over the years.  This is the first thing that actually worked.  TSP did not work.  Lemon juice did not work.

Look!  No More Mustache!

Nice Black Boot stripe. Look! No More Mustache!

Inside everything is being cleaned, scrubbed, and organized.  Lists are prepared for food and clothing to be stored on board.

No photos yet- but will be added:  This year, Kevin painted the prop and shaft with (copper free) bottom paint.  We’ll see if that works better than Lanolin to keep the growth down.  Beth painted the ‘red areas’ where the bottom paint wore off, but did not put excess paint on the bottom.  Kevin painted the floor of the cockpit with the Durabak non-skid paint.  Kevin also is 50% finished waxing and buffing the hull.

Still to be done- Beth to paint the inside of the cockpit with gray paint (not the bright white on the top-sides), and of course finishing the cleaning and provisioning…

We think we will be ready for launch within the next week!


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