Launch Day

Yesterday was launch day for autumn dream, for the 2015 boating season.

We finished the last of the painting and prepping, topped off the tanks, and got her ready to go.  Pulled out the fenders and dock lines, and hung a fender off the bow (that is the code…).  Kevin called the boat yard on Wednesday to tell them she was ready.   On Thursday we drove over at lunch time, and she was sitting pretty at the dock.

at the dock

at the dock

At the dock

At the dock

at the dock

at the dock

We checked the important stuff – like is there anything filling up with water? and everything was fine.  A little water in the bilge where the stuffing box leaks – but that is expected  – and not enough to worry about.  Everything else was dry including the thru-hull we re-seated earlier this season. – Again for non-boaters, a through-hull is exactly what it sounds like – it is a fitting that goes through the hull – either below the water line or above the waterline – that is used to either bring water into the boat (like engine cooling water) or drain water out of the boat (like the sink drain or the bilge pump outlets).

After work we picked up some chowder and clam cakes from the Somerset Grill, drove over to the boat yard and had dinner on Autumn Dream.  Then the important stuff – first thing open the engine cooling water seacock (that is the valve for you non-boaters) and start the engine.  This engine is just awesome.  Turn the key and it started right up; cooling water coming out the wet exhaust and all was good.

Kevin ran the engine for a while to make sure all was well.  Then he rowed out to the mooring to make a little adjustment to our pick up stick.  Again, for the non-boaters, this is a float with a long rod on it that you grab to pull up the mooring pendant (rope) that you attach to the boat.  If you don’t have a pick-up stick, then you need to use a boat hook to grab the rope attached to the float, and that is not easy when your bow is 5 feet or more above the water!

After that was all set, we put the dinghy on her snap davits (these are hooks on the swim platform – with eyes attached to the dinghy – that allow you to attache onto the boat, then swing up so the dingy is out of the water and stored against the stern).  Everything was checked again, the engine started, the dock lines released, and we headed over to the mooring.  After we were all nice and secure, we shut her down and just enjoyed some time in the pilot house before heading home.

It is now boating season!

New paint in the cockpit!

New paint in the cockpit!


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