Salsa Garden

Believe it or not, I have never attempted to grow vegetables of any kind until now.  We were always either traveling on business or running around too much to be able to care for plants that could not fully care for themselves.

Our back yard faces south, so we have plenty of sun.  This year, there were no business trips planned, so we decided to try a little experiment.  If it works, we may put in a raised bed next year for more veggies.

The biggest issue is the woodchucks that live under the shed- would they try and eat the plants?  So we are using a big tin tub and planted two heirloom tomato plants and one Serrano chili plant.  On the deck is a pot with cilantro, and another with basil.  The tomatoes are flowering, and so is the Chili.

If all goes well, we should have plenty of Salsa when we harvest the tomatoes!



Tomatoes and Serrano Chilis

Tomatoes and Serrano Chilis


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