Pepper Sighting

The Serrano chili plant is flowering and starting to produce some peppers 🙂

I am waiting for the first one to ripen a bit more before harvesting.  I have plenty of cilantro growing, now I just need tomatoes!  they are flowering too.

First Pepper

First Pepper

Peppers with flowers

Peppers with flowers

For those waiting with bated breath to hear if Autumn Dream has sunk, the answer is NO. We rowed out yesterday evening to do a few things (put on the windshield wiper and protective sleeve, for example) and checked everything. The stuffing box drips have slowed significantly – the pump didn’t need to run at all while we were on board (about an hour). The bilge did not have much water in it.
So far, all is good. We will see what happens when we take her out this weekend.

While we were enjoying just hanging around on deck, we watched 3 osprey fishing.  One dove over and over and didn’t seem to catch anything – which was odd as the fish were jumping all around us.  Maybe he needs more practice.


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