Cruising, Tomatoes, and the next project….

All good plans are wiped out by Mother Nature.

This weekend the marine forecast looked good.  We planned to leave Friday, anchor in the Kickemuit River, and spend Friday and Saturday nights there,  chill out, kayak, read, nap…  you know, boating.  I provisioned on Friday morning at Au Claire’s Market, made hamburger patties, packed everything up, and we headed downriver on the end of the outgoing tide – But boy was it shallow in a few spots!

Friday night was lovely – cool but not cold, bugs weren’t biting, and the sunset was spectacular and went on for hours.

Where we WOULD HAVE Kayaked...

Where we WOULD HAVE Kayaked…

Woke up Saturday morning, made breakfast (chocolate chip biscuits), listened to the revised forecast, and that was the end of the weekend.  Remnants of Tropical Storm Bill headed our way, with rain expected to start Saturday evening through Sunday afternoon, ending around 2pm, with potential thunderstorms.  Not quite the idyllic weekend we had planned.  Not a big deal with windshield wipers, radar, and GPS to get home, but the row back to the dock in the pouring rain was not too appealing.

So, after breakfast we cleaned up, stowed everything away, and headed back to Dighton.  Stuffing box is still leaking more than we would like, but not abnormal for many boats.  Of course we had two NEW issues: 1. the oven would not get hot enough – thanks to Dr. Google I think I found the problem and will check next cruise (the steel ‘floor’ above the burner needs to be pushed against the back wall of the oven).  2. The fuel gauge suddenly went from almost full to negative.  Kevin is conferring with Dr. Google on this one and has quite a few things to check.

Kevin and I are working on our next furniture project – a ‘rustic, industrial’ component rack for the stereo, dvd player, etc.  This will replace a very large console that is taking up too much floor space.  The TV will get mounted on the wall.  Here are some of the parts getting their primer coat before assembly.



Shelves, sides

Shelves, sides

And finally, yes I have tomatoes on the vine.  They may be small, but it is a promising sight.  Homegrown Salsa, here we come!

some tomatoes

some tomatoes

one tomato...

one tomato…


One response to “Cruising, Tomatoes, and the next project….

  1. Recently found your blog and enjoyed catching up on your trawler adventures. Surprised that you haven’t written more this past month. Hope all is well!

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