It’s the summer, so things are busy.  We are trying to enjoy the incredible New England weather as much as possible.

Autumn Dream is for sale.  We have been discussing this on and off for a few years now, and decided to list her with a brokerage and see if there is any interest.   Autumn Dream listing

WHY ??? you are probably asking.  Well, there are lots of reasons – it is a constant struggle as a boat owner, balancing the love of a boat, and the love of using it, with the reality of the commitment in time and money.  There are times when we don’t want to go boating, and do other things, but we feel like we MUST use Autumn Dream because the season is so short.  We know the market is very slow, and it is unlikely that she will sell, and we will happily continue to use her and care for her.  We might even change our minds…

The stuffing box leak has resolved itself, with the ‘normal’ amount of dripping that is expected.  We will change the packing this fall after she is hauled – this is a normal maintenance item that is probably overdue.

The fuel gauge issue has been identified.  It is the sender – and it is normal that they fail after many years of service.  Kevin is researching various options for replacement, including the option to put a tank tender system in for the fuel tank, both water tanks, and the holding tank instead of just replacing the sender.  Another job after haul-out.

On our last cruise Kevin identified some new vibrations and a sound he didn’t like in the transmission.  After research and discussions with Tommy at the boat yard, it seems like the damper plate on the velvet drive needs to be replaced.  All the symptoms point to this as the issue.  We will do some more troubleshooting next time we are on board and decide next steps.

The one rose mallow that I divided this spring is now 3 enormous and one  small plant, all with what seems like hundreds of flowers.  The tomatoes are finally almost ready to pick.  The orange-yellow ones are “Mr. Stripy” and should get some red stripes when ripe.  The others are Cherokee Purple.  The four peppers are still not yet ready to harvest, though one shows a few signs of red appearing.





Balloon Flower

Balloon Flower


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