South Coast Brunch

Our friends Joe and Renee are moving south to the Myrtle Beach area.  Before they left NE for more temperate climates we wanted to have them over for a celebration of the South Coast.

The area we live in was given its own identity in an attempt to improve tourism here – we are not “the Cape” or the “South Shore”.  South Coast ( also known as “SOCO” is a region of both MA and Rhode Island and it was our playground before we moved here.

What did we serve?  Well, it all could not be sourced locally (we don’t grow oranges for orange juice) but I tried to use as much of the local flavors as possible.

  • Westport Rivers RJR Brut (Methode Champenoise) Westport Rivers
  • Orange Juice
  • Home-made baking powder biscuits (nothing ‘south coast’ here, we just like biscuits!)
  • South Coast Quiche (more details below)
  • Scallops with Mornay sauce (also more details below) I used this recipe from “The little Kitchen” with a few modifications
  • Key lime pie (OK, nothing to do with MA/RI but we like it!)
  • The Black Knight Coffee (our favorite!

South Coast Quiche – this is my recipe.  It is a quiche with Swiss (in this case) or cheddar cheese, ground chourico (a spicy Portuguese sausage made locally in Fall River  (Michael’s brand) and North Dartmouth (Gaspar’s brand), spinach, red onion (in a wine reduction), mushrooms, and ricotta cheese.  And of course the eggs/milk etc. for the custard and a pie crust…

The photo is not from brunch… but I make 1-2 of these a week as part of our “diet” plan.  That would be the subject of a different post….

South Coast Quiche

South Coast Quiche

Scallops with Mornay sauce.  The scallops are local sea scallops I picked up at the “seafood truck” on Route 6 – I don’t remember their name…  I used the recipe from “The little Kitchen”  for “pan-seared scallops with a gruyere cheese sauce”, but made a few changes:  I omitted the egg, I used swiss instead of gruyere, and added 1/2 again as much as the recipe called for (Kevin wanted CHEESY).  Then, after the scallops were cooked, I put them in a dish, covered them with the sauce, added MORE grated swiss, and popped under the broiler for a few minutes to make it gooey and brown the top.

I am guessing that when you exclude the egg it is no longer a Mornay sauce.  What ever it is called, it was was good enough to eat by itself.  The four of us managed to finish off almost 2 pounds of scallops…  This is a recipe I will make again!

Today Joe and Renee stopped by on their way south…  We had coffee and my chocolate chip/pecan biscuits (like scones, but soft and moist) and we wish them safe travels!


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