Good Tomato

Mr Stripey-no Stripes Cherokee purple- no purple!

Mr Stripey-no Stripes
Cherokee purple- no purple!

I have to admit… growing up I was an exceptionally picky eater.  Living in NYC, all the produce came either from a can or the supermarket.  I did not have a lot of experience with fresh vegetables, and didn’t learn how to prepare them until I was living off campus during college.

Tomatos were small round reddish things that were sold 3 to a pack in a little box with cellophane.  They were tasteless, slimy, and mealy.  I refused to eat them and for a long time did not want to eat any food that had been in contact with them.  I did say I was picky.

Eventually I learned to live with tomatoes in a salad- I would pick them out and not eat them however.  I had one friend who still refused to eat anything that had been touched by a tomato.

More recently I started to eat them, but I still found them tasteless.  If you have been reading this blog you know that this year, for the first time, I am growing some heirloom tomatoes in a planter in the back yard (along with some Serrano chili peppers).  They are ripening slowly, which is good because there is never more than 1-3 ready to eat at any time.

I do have some complaints with these plants.  Mr. Stripey is supposed to be a yellow-orange with red stripes when ripe.  I have not seen a single stripe!  The fruits change from green to yellow to orange to a reddish orange.  No Stripes.  I have been guessing when they are ripe by softness.  These tomatoes are perfectly round (about 2.5 inches in diameter).   The Cherokee Purples are not purple.  They are reddish, and supposedly are ripe when purple with a bit of green still on the top.  When they start to crack or get soft, I pick them.  These look like an heirloom tomato, all misshapen and about 4 inches across the largest side.

When we started to eat them, Kevin said “this is a good tomato!”.  He says that each time we slice one up for a sandwich or salad.  This may be hard to believe, but when I tasted them, I actually LIKED them!  They taste GOOD!  I enjoyed them in my salad, instead of just eating them because they are good for you.  I eat slices with a tiny bit of kosher salt sprinkled on them…  wow.  I had no idea that tomatoes could actually taste good!


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