Let the games begin! ( a longish post)

OK we decided to not sell Autumn Dream.   We had a potential buyer look at the boat then he followed up with me on the phone with a few questions.  After talking to someone who might be a serious potential buyer I decided to spend a few hours in the engine room to make sure all was well in the event that he actually decided to move forward and make an offer.  Typically after an offer is made (and accepted) the smart buyer will hire a professional marine surveyor to evaluate the boat.  When I was on board with the potential buyer I noticed a small coolant leak coming from  a hose that come off of the bottom of the coolant reservoir.  So in a effort to make it right I went digging to find the cause of the leak.  Hopefully it may have been just a bad hose or loose clamp.   As I was looking closer I started taking things apart.  In order to get to the right hose I had to remove the engine drive belts that power the alternator, raw water cooling pump (rwcp) and the fresh water engine cooling pump (fwecp) .  This is a PIA but not too bad.  However when I removed the drive belt attached to the fwecp I found that the fwecp belt pulley was a bit wobbly.  This was not a good sign.  It should rotate easily but not wobble.   Hmm  then I noticed that there was some black liquid leaking out of the bearing on the fwecp.  Not good at all…..   wobbly , leaking black water  = dead fwecp…   OK not the end of the world as I have a spare.  However now this job was getting a bit more involved.   OK time to go home and talk to the CFO.  After taking to the CFO and discussing the needed repair we decided that we should not sell her and also do a deeper investigation and look for other potential issues, after all it is a boat!   Also with a potentially serious buyer looking at her it triggered some serious emotions that maybe we were not yet comfortable selling her.  So I contacted the broker and we removed the listing.  Now the fun and games can begin.  Since  had to remove and replace the fwecp I also started the while you at it game.  So I have been thinking about replacing all the engine coolant hoses for a few years.   Since I have to do the fwecp replacement now is the right time to do the coolant hoses  Also don’t forget the damper gear on the transmission needs replacing (previous post).

Here are the initial steps to to make her like new!   Remove all the drive belts off the engine.   Drain about 3 gallons of antifreeze coolant from the “fresh” water side of the engine cooling system.  Messy and time consuming job to put it politely.  Removed all hoses that move the fresh water antifreeze coolant and the raw water coolant hoses.  (For my non-boat friends a boat like this does not have a fan and a radiator like a car has.  It has a “fresh” water side and a raw water side to the cooling system.  The raw water pump pulls in cool sea water from outside the boat and this raw water is circulated through a heat ex-changer.   The “fresh” water runs through the same heat ex-changer and the engine heat is transferred from the fresh water to the raw sea water cooling the engine down).  Hoses removed I get to move on to the fun stuff.  First the  raw water cooling pump and bracket is removed from the front of the engine.  Next the coolant reservoir tank was removed and finally I can access the fwecp and remove it!  So far so good.  See photos below.

Raw water pump (brass colored unit)

Raw water pump, gray heat ex-changer and hoses

raw water pump removed. black pulley at top of engine is fwecp

Next blog – on-going adventures in the engine room!


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