on-going adventures in the engine room!

As promised here is the next installment on the ongoing quest to keep MV Autumn Dream running reliably and as new.  The photo below shows the front end of our Palmer Diesel Engine and offending water pump still in place.  Actually this could be the original FWECP from the factory, if it is, it lived a long and useful life.  Off the top of my head this 1973 vintage diesel has about 3600 hours on her, if this is the original FWECP she done good.  Now her life is over as the bearing/seal  in the pump is gone and she is leaking water and wobbly.  So off with the old one.  The next photo shows the hole where the pump once resided.

Raw Water Pump removed

Old FWECP is the black pulley and the pump housing in green behind the pulley 


Front of Engine with FWECP removed.

Below you can actually get an idea of what the water pump looks like removed.  Two FWECP’s on the bench, old one (green) and the new one (rusty from storage).  The rusty one came with Autumn Dream as one of several spare parts and this was a good spare to have as I don’t know if the old one can be repaired or not or if I could find a replacement?  Also on the bench you can see several other parts I removed from the front of the engine to be able to get access to the FWECP.  Going from left to right is the alternator, old FWECP, the coolant  reservoir (black and yellow part), the “new” replacement FWECP and in the upper right hand corner looking sort of black is the RWP (raw water pump) which had a surprise in store for me also.


Half the engine in my shop.

So once everything was disassembled it is time for next steps.   First clean the rust off the new FWECP and prime with white metal primer paint!   Oh and since I have to paint this I decided that I would paint a whole bunch of other parts!   Once the primer was dry for 48 hours it received a coat of high temp gloss white engine paint.  As I decided to expand my painting I have also de-greased the front of the engine and that is now painted white.  I’ll get some photos of that a bit latter, when I reinstall the FWECP once the weather warms up (more on weather later).


Primed “new” FWECP

You may remember that before all the water pump stuff started I had to replace the damper gear in the transmission.  First step was to remove the starter as that was in the way and all the assorted wiring.  This starter must weigh about 60 pounds and it was hell to remove from the boat!  Fortunately my friend Dave was willing to help get it off the boat and home to the shop where it too will get a paint job.  More photos to come of that job!


Palmer Diesel Starter Motor

The RWP also had a surprise in store for me.  The pulley had a chunk out of it and I was concerned that it could actually throw the belt off of the pulley as a result of this gap.  I did not get a photo of the gap but I did find a place that could repair the missing chunk and the work is done and gap is closed!   Once again it was my friendly Marine Consignment store  that suggested that I may be able to get it repaired!   So $40.00 later all is well!  To replace this pulley would have taken several days of research to see if anyone had one and if yes I would guess at least $100.00 for the part.  If I could not get the pulley and had to replace the whole RWP that could cost me $400.00!  So $40.00 vs $400   that is a deal!

Weather  hmm  ———-   I mentioned earlier in the blog  that once the weather warms up I’ll re-install the FWECP.  If you look at the photos below you can see little white specs on the deck.   Yes this is snow!   First now of the year was last Sunday the 18th of October 2015!  Not much but you can see the sky and if you enlarge the deck photo below (by clicking on it) you can see we did indeed get some snow!  Not enough to shovel, but it does signal the winter is coming, so unless a get a few warm days the FWECP will not go back into Autumn Dream till spring 2016!




Snow Sky


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