Crossing the Atlantic


Sorry we haven’t been posting – lots of things going on and a trip across the Atlantic have kept us busy.  No… we didn’t do it on Autumn dream, she doesn’t have the legs (fuel capacity) or the capability to do Blue water cruising.  We did a transatlantic crossing on HAL’s Nieuw Amsterdam.

I won’t go into too many details, just some of the high and low points.

High Point – flight to Barcelona on Alitalia Magnifica Class – we were able to snag seats using Kevin’s frequent flyer miles.  They are significantly better than flying on a US-based airline.

Low point – the ship was delayed 24 hours due to weather.  Being in Barcelona for an extra night was not bad, but being abandoned by HAL at a hotel with NO ROOMS after spending the entire day waiting in the cruise terminal was a low point.  After more than an hour standing in the lobby of the Melia, and rather terse conversations with the HAL rep, we finally got transferred to another hotel by taxi (finally checked in at 8:30pm).  The day was a waste.

High points – stops in Cadiz, Alicante, and Malaga.  All wonderful places to visit.

Low points- we missed our stop in the Azores- one of the main reasons for choosing this particular cruise.  We also caught a miserable cold from ‘someone’ and were sick in bed for most of the crossing.

Overall we had a good time; we met some nice people- including the man who designed the Hot Wheels logo, and the executive director for the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus.

Since then we have been busy working on Autumn Dream.  Kevin will be posting on the progress of the damper plate replacement.


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