Dinghy Update!


New Bulkhead


Re-built water tight rear seat

The purpose of this post is twofold.  One is to provide an update on the status of dingy rebuilding.  The second thing is to try using speech recognition to write this post.  So far this has been an interesting challenge.  Is it easier to type or to speak to the computer?  That said it’s interesting that sometimes speech works reasonably well.  Sometimes it’s very frustrating.  Could be my New England accent or maybe it just does not like me.  I probably should not take this personally so it must be my accent.


As far as the dingy is concerned I have inserted a forward bulkhead.  I did this by making a paper template of the boat hull, and transferring this template to a piece of plywood.  I then cut the plywood to match the template.  The plywood was then inserted into the hull at the location I chose and epoxy bonded it into place.  Once the epoxy dried it was sanded smooth and made ready for paint.  I also had to rebuild the rear seat, and put flotation boards underneath the seat and seal it with epoxy.  So now that it is sealed with epoxy this space should be watertight and provide a flotation chamber in the back of the boat.  Next up… sand sand sand.  Once sanded the boat it will be ready for paint on the inside.  The keel on the bottom of the boat is made of wood not the best thing for dragging on a stone or sand beach.  So my plan will be to sand the paint off the bottom and put down a few layers of Kevlar.  This should give me a highly abrasion resistant keel.  The bulkhead that I’ve put in the boat has stiffened the boat considerably and made it much better for loading with supplies.  The cover which is being built will be used for storage while the boat is sitting at the boatyard to keep water out of it.  Today whenever it rains the dinghy fills up with water and takes 20 minutes to get the water out.  PIA!  The cover will be attached to a fiberglass tent pole.  This will create an arch like a tent to keep the water where belongs…  on the outside of the boat.

As far as the speech recognition test goes it’s kind of a mixed bag.  Some things went very well, some things not so good.  So I will have to edit this by hand and if I missed anything blame the computer.  Not sure it really faster, however my typing has never been that fast either.  So like all things practice, practice.  I will continue to play with this word recognition to see if I can get better and quicker.  It is kind of fun when Beth is not laughing at me in the background.  It’s interesting in this sentence that the computer understood the word Beth.  Previously what I try to say the word Beth it comes up with bath.  Once again maybe it’s my New England accent or maybe I’m trying too hard.  That sentence amazingly went very well.  If they all went that well this speech recognition would be the greatest thing going.   Time will tell!   Photos soon of the dinghy progress and the new cover!


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