Making a Dingy Cover

In a previous entry I (Beth) mentioned that one of my winter projects was to make a dingy cover out of sunbrella. Kevin is tired of pumping gallons of water out of the dingy after our typical summer rainstorms.

Here are the project details, with photos following.

I used sunbrella that I bought from Marine Consignment of Fall River – it was all cut pieces left over from a canvas maker’s shop – but I figured I would have to piece it together anyway. Using the excellent book “the Complete Canvas Workers Guide” I was able to get through this step by step.

Materials: Sunbrella, Coat’s and Clark “Outdoor”polyester thread, brass grommets, Sta-Set braid (3/16”), and a fiberglass shock-corded tent pole for the center support.  I followed the guidelines and used double-felled seams to minimize water penetration.  The fiberglass tent pole was cut to the correct length, and is held in place in 3 locations with tunnels inside the cover.

All sewing was done on my24 year old New Home machine.  I used 90/10 and 100/12 “Jeans” needles for the sewing machine, and had to tweak the foot pressure and the upper thread tension to almost the max.  For those of you who may care, I also used a walking foot for this project.

I bent quite a few pins…  but didn’t break any needles.  The machine was a bit grumpy at times sewing through 4+ layers of fabric, and at times it decided to jam, but in the end I prevailed and we now have a Dingy Cover.  It is bright yellow!


The materials.


Laying out the pieces


3 main sections sewn with double felled seams


The center section added


The center section showing the fiberglass rod in place


Fitting the corners and darts


Fitting the bow section


Finished cover, side view


Finished cover, aft view


Finished cover, bow view



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