Dinghy part?

More dingy update.  The dinghy has now been painted mostly.  As you can see in the attached photos it appears I’ve run out of paint.  As a result I will now need to head off to the boat paint store to buy another can of expensive   polyurethane base paint.  I guess that since I use to work for a company that made polyurethane I’m keeping their stock up.  However I’m over all pleased with the progress of rebuilding the dinghy.  While I’m waiting for the replacement paint the dinghy has been turned over and work is now happening on the bottom of the dinghy.  I’ve sanded the bottom, and sanded the sides.  The bottom needs some Kevlar reinforcement of the keel to keep it from being torn apart on the beach.  The keel on this dingy is wood attached to the fiberglass hull.  The interesting thing about working with Kevlar vs. fiberglass.  Is that Kevlar is very challenging to actually cut to size.  So after searching the Internet I’ve found that inexpensive EMT scissors appear to work fairly well in cutting Kevlar.  So now yet I have to buy another tool.  I don’t have EMT scissors in my tool portfolio.  Once I finally get the scissors I will post more photos of the from the Kevlar work on the bottom.  For now please enjoy the photos of the partially painted interior of the dingy.

For my friends in Germany the weather here in New England has finally turned cold.  Today the forecast was for sunny skies however we woke up too crazy cold, overcast skies.  Also some snow.  The forecast showed only sunny skies.  So I guess it’s better to do your forecast by looking out the window then checking weather Bug on the computer.  And by the way when I say it’s cold the temperature this morning was minus 10C, and getting colder throughout the day.  Winter is finally come to New England but that said we will be above freezing again by Wednesday of this week.  This is good since my plan is to get the transmission reinstalled in the boat and get the rest of the drivetrain installed.  More updates as time goes on.


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