Drive Train

As you know I have been working on Autumn Dream’s drive train.  So from previous blogs you saw that I have reinstalled the damper plate, bell housing and engine is back on the motor mounts.  The cutlass bearing is installed in the shaft strut and the actual propeller shaft is installed back in the cutlass bearing.  So now it is time to reinstall the transmission and starter on the boat.  Well this was going to be fun.  Remember the transmission weighs in at a measly 145 pounds and the starter is an estimated 45 pounds.  Fortunately  my old friend David was willing to help.  So we took the transmission and starter back to the boat and lifted inside using brute grunt force!  So far so go.  No one had hurt anything or anyone!  Now we had to get the transmission into the small hole located in the main saloon so we could attach it to the engine’s bell housing.  I had rigged up a pulley system to remove and re-install the transmission but that was only to get it into the hole, and could not help get it attached to the engine.  The attaching to the engine was a challenge.  After a few hours and much head scratching Dave and I came up with a ramp system to help push the transmission up to the bell housing so we could line up all the bolt holes and the actual spline that connects the engine through the damper plate to the transmission.  This was literally an uphill battle.  As in most boats the engine is on a slight downward angle to the transmission to the propeller shaft outside of the boat.  All this just adds to the fun.   To make a long story short this transmission installation took us 6 hours!  We now had to install the starter to the bell housing.  That was a pain but went quickly.  Maybe 15 minutes.  Helps that it was only 45 pounds and we could manhandle it into position.  So the photos below are the proof that it is done!


Transmission and starter attached to engine bell housing before the fun began!


Old Damper plate inside bell housing






Heavy Transmission removed ready to go home for some repairs and paint.


Repaired and Painted transmission,  almost ready for re-install


New damper plate in place and re-installed bell housing, engine back on engine mounts!


Transmission and starter re-installed.  Life is good!


Victory Beer!  Woo Hoo!

So now that we are in mid January things have finally gotten colder here in New England so work on Autumn Dream is on hold.  It is a bit too cold to work on her.  The potential to break something while working on it goes up with the colder weather.  This said some work is still taking place on the dinghy as this week I managed to get put some Kevlar cloth on the keel.  The basement is warm!  🙂

So if we get a warm spell in the next few weeks I re-install the stuffing box on the propeller shaft.  You can see where it goes in the next photo!    However I think we are done till March!  I need to get you a photo of the stuffing box!


Stuffing box attaches to the shaft log here.  The shaft log is a tube that goes from the inside of the boat to the outside of the boat!  This is where you see the stainless steel propeller shaft entering the shaft log.


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