Somerset Musings

We have said many times that we love living here in Somerset.  One of the pleasures is watching the light change on the river, and the glow at sunset…


Sunset glow

Another is enjoying a meal at the Somerset Grille.  We have mentioned this place before – a local diner, serves breakfast and lunch daily, and dinner (and Seafood) on Thursdays and Fridays only.  This is such a gem.  Their food is always good, but their specials are exactly that, special.  On Thursdays, Kevin asks me “did they post their specials on Facebook yet?”.  Typically between 2pm and 4pm they appear, and then we decide if I am cooking dinner or if we are eating there.

This week they had BOTH Sesame crusted Seared Ahi Tuna AND Pork Osso bucco with garlic risotto, so we had to go.  What to choose?  I had the Tuna, and Kevin had the “awesome bucco” so he actually got to have both…with a side of butternut squash and for me also some potatoes au gratin (not shown).  Great meal.  Great company.  Wonderful staff.


Ahi Tuna and Pork Osso Bucco


Is that wine for me to drink or go swimming in?

Can you say “generous pour” with the wine?

In other news, we finally got the old Kenmore machine running.  It had two belts, and the upper belt was toast… totally disintegrated.  Not sure why it had lugs because the machine doesn’t need them.  The size stated on the belt also was odd;  1418 (14 1/8 inch) where the actual belt was 13 1/4 inches long.  After two tries with ordering belts on line (the second belt didn’t fit either – too wide) I went over to Amy’s Fabric Treasures here in Somerset.  She had a box full of belts, and I bought two different kinds – and Kevin was then able to get things working and I returned the V-belt that was just slipping a bit too much.  I’d been meaning to get over there to check out the store, nice place, a bit crowded but boy, they have got LOTS of stuff if you like to sew.  This is now my go-to store.  I’d much prefer to buy anything here than over at a chain store like Joanne Fabrics (who by the way didn’t sell any belts).  And the Fabric Place in Framingham is just too far away.


I think this belt is shot!

I’ve been putting the machine thru its paces, and using it to make some pillows for the living room sofa.  So far it is working well.  Doesn’t seem to like too many layers of fabric, and I’m not sure how it will handle leather or sunbrella.  Time will tell.


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