Road Trip

We are back from a 3 week road trip down to Florida.  Had a great time and a few surprises.  I had a chance to start playing with my (Beth’s) new camera.

Our first real stop was a visit to Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach to see Dave and Ellen – wonderful folks we met on our Azamara cruise.  Weather was great and so was the company!  Loved the town, and we really enjoyed the show at breakfast, watching the planes taxi by…what a cool place to live!  Thanks Dave and Ellen!

Next stop was 3 days at Cedar Key “Old Florida”.  This would have been a great visit EXCEPT that we went thru a torrential rain storm that dropped the temperature from 80 to 50!  Things cleared up and we enjoyed the quiet and lack of commercial development – even went to an RV show in Ocala and found the truck camper we may buy someday.

Cedar Key - bathroom with a view

Cedar Key- Bathroom with a “view”!  Glad this wasn’t our hotel!



Cedar Key- nearing sunset


Cedar Key pelican posing… not to be confused with Fernandina beach pelicans…

Next we headed off to Amelia Island to visit my (Beth’s) mom and do our usual exploring.  Walked on the beach, ate good food at Hola! Cuban Café, looked at some property for sale, and after much soul searching, put a deposit down on a lot in Yulee at Waterman’s bluff.  Yes, you read that right, we are buying a piece of land and will build a house after our house sells.  Yes, you read that right too – we have put our house on the market:

But you love your house – you say… and yes we do!  And you love living in Somerset… and yes we do.  But we also love the area around Amelia, and the lifestyle options that open up to us down there.  SO, the house is on the market, Autumn Dream is back on the market, and we will enjoy both until they sell.  Maybe we can blame it on Dave and Ellen, with their place in Port Orange, or maybe we can blame it on Joe and Renee moving to Myrtle Beach, or maybe it just is because…

After that stop in Amelia- extended by a few days after we decided to proceed with a major life changing event – we headed up to Myrtle beach to visit with Joe and Renee for a few days.  Kevin brought some of his tools and worked with Joe to improve the workshop space in the garage.  I got to “play” in Renee’s studio and learn about mixed media.  Made a birthday card for “uncle” Bob’s 70th.  Kevin even managed to fix their “dead” Saeco super-automatic coffee machine, so we could have “GOOD” coffee.  Hurrah!  After more than a week it is still working, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for them.

Finally, we headed home as we now had loads of things to do that we originally weren’t expecting…  put the boat back on the market; meet with realtor and get the house on the market… finish a few little maintenance items (those 3 windows I still needed to paint are now done!).


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  1. Come back any time! Check out my blog post sharing our studio time

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