Around the world in 40 Days

If you were wondering why we had no posts…  it is because we were off on another adventure; this time a circumnavigation of the globe…

We flew from Boston – LA – Hong Kong, spend 3 days in HK, then boarded the Oceania Nautica for a 35 day cruise from Hong Kong to Athens, before flying home Athens-Munich-Boston.  Wow.  Around the world in 40 days.

Ports visited:  Hong Kong, Nha Trang Viet Nam, Saigon Viet Nam, Phuket Thailand, Singapore, Yangon Burma, Cochin India, Mumbai India, Salalah Oman, Aqaba Jordan, Safaga Egypt, Haifa Israel, Rhodes Greece, Santorini Greece, Piraeus Athens.

Bodies of water transited (many on Kevin’s bucket list): South China Sea, Strait of Malacca, Andaman Sea, Bay of Bengal, Laccadive Sea, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Gulf of Suez, Suez Canal, Mediterranean Sea.

We saw many interesting places, some extremely DIRTY places, and some amazing places.  Lots of photos (over 1600 between the two of us) and lots of memories to jot down…

Here are a few teaser photos for you (from Beth)


Monk with mobile phone in Burma (Myanmar) Monastery


Camels for Hire at Petra, Jordan


First view of the Treasury, Petra Jordan



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