Vietnam – March 26 – 28

Last time I left you we were in route to Nha Trang Vietnam via the South China Sea.  So having left Hong Kong Thursday evening March 24, we spent Friday at sea.  It was a great sea day for Beth and Kevin.  The seas were a little rough and we like that!  Also we were finally out of the rain and into warmer temperatures.  OK this is a cruise and everyone always ask about the food.  Well Oceania Cruises prides itself on their food.  Well I can confirm that the food was great!  Service was also very good.  I won’t get into specific meals as you can see example of the menus on their website.  I will say that if you love seafood you will not be disappointed.  Shrimp, lobster, scallops, squid, fish etc….   Also if your into red meat that was all good also.  As a little teaser, for lunch if you eat at the Waves Grill you can get great burgers.  Also you can get surf and turf, grilled lobster tail and sirloin steak on a chibata bun!   Also you can have a milk shake made with excellent ice cream to go along with your sandwich.  Oh and don’t forget the truffle French fries….    It goes on and on.   Safe to say you will not go hungry.  Safe to say that the food anywhere on the ship does not disappoint.    There are a total of 5 dining options on the ship.   Two special restaurants – a steak house and an Italian bistro.   Both excellent!   Also the main dining room (great service by our server Dragion from Serbia).  The buffet and waver grill.   Needless to say after 35 days on the ship it is easy to become cargo..   Fortunately, although we enjoyed ourselves and did put on some weight we were nowhere near the typical 10 pounds/week cruise weight gain! J    Actually we made out OK!

On Saturday March 26 we made port at Nha Trang Vietnam.  This was our second time to Vietnam but first time in Nha Trang.  Below are some photos take around town and at the port!


Approaching Nha Trang Shipping Port 


Nha Trang Cruise Terminal 🙂


Nha Trang Budha (one of about 100,000)


Nha Trang Market


Customs Office 


Stunning Hindu Temple in NhaTrang


Nha Trang Fishing harbor


Neighboring Ship.  Our ship was a bit nicer!

Leaving Nha Trang at 4:00 PM Saturday we were off to Saigon.  We were excited to go back to Saigon and cruise up the winding beautiful Saigon River to spend two day docked at the center of Saigon.  But alas do to earlier recent heavy rains in the region the cruise up to the city was not going to happen.  I think we had a pussy for a captain.  We ended up docking 2 hours outside the city at the commercial port.  This port is in the middle of nowhere….   Suck city!  So the first day we did not plan any shore excursions so we just hung around the ship and relaxed and read.  Not a bad way to spend the day but being in the city center and watching the life on the river like our last cruise was not to be this time.  Day two in “Saigon” we had an excursion to the Mekong River.  This was supposed to be about a 6 hour trip including lunch.   However because of where we ended up docking this was now a 10 hour trip with mostly ass time on a bus.  The actual excursion was OK but not exactly as advertised.  However the lunch as very good and we enjoyed the Vietnamese food very much!   Beth will post some photos of this excursion a bit latter.

At 4:00 PM on Monday March 28 we left Vietnam for a passage to Singapore, where we would arrive on Wednesday March 30th.    More to come.



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