Singapore March 30

So after spending three days in Vietnam we were off again in route to Singapore.  As it is 614 nautical miles from Saigon to Singapore we had a day at sea again.  We love days at sea.  Time to relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee and a relaxing breakfast!  One great thing about Oceania is that included in your cruise fare is some of the simple things that other cruise lines charge you extra for.  Like a cappuccino, or espresso or even soft drinks.  This is all included with this company and not part of another cost center to make the company more money and to milk the customer dry!   Also they have a coffee bar staffed with an actual Italian Barista!  My new best friend Marco!   Marco was great!  We saw him almost every day and had some good laughs and generally great coffee.  He would see Beth and I coming and greet us in Italian.  Then ask us if we wanted dui cappuccino or Americano.  He would then hand craft our coffees with a smile and then try to push some wonderful pastries on us.  However in our quest to remain passengers and not become cargo, most of the time we just had a coffee or two and watch the world and water go by!  Did I mention that they have a wonderful English tea every afternoon with sandwiches, fresh pastries and off course tea (or coffee in our case).  This off course is served in 10 forward (deck 10 forward a lounge that they call Horizons, but being Star Trek fans and since it is on deck 10 and in the forward part of the ship Beth and I always referred to it as 10 forward).  It included serving staff with white gloves and rolling carts overloaded with yummy stuff.  Once again part of the cruise line subversive plan to turn us into cargo.  We mostly resisted the temptation but occasionally had a scone with clotted or whipped cream.  Had to take a few for the team so I could write about how good the food is!  So after tea it is happy hour!   That means two for one drinks.  So on the days that we did not go to tea you could find us in Martinis bar having a Bombay Sapphire Gin and tonic!   Then it was time for an early dinner.  Life at sea is good.  Also sea days give you much time to sit on your balcony and catch up on all those books you have been meaning to read and watch the other ships and sea life go by.  We did see a ton of sea life.   Birds, marine mammals, sea snakes, sharks, flying fish, trash (unfortunately).   All this time we have been sailing still in the South China Sea.  That would change the day out of Singapore!

So on Wednesday March 30 we arrived in Singapore, bright and early.  The approach to Singapore is great to see.  You will never see anywhere else in the world such a collection of ships of all shapes and sizes, waiting to go into the port.  Fascinating!  Also since Singapore sits only 4 degrees above the equator it is very hot there!  This day of our visit it was 99 degrees F with 99% relative humidity.  This is typical weather for this city.  Since Beth and I have been here before we decided to treat it as a sea day and hang out on the ship.  The other reason for this is that it is a pain in the ass to get off the ship.  You have to go through immigration getting off the ship and getting back on the ship.  Being on the ship on a port day has real advantages as you have the ship to yourself!  I’ll never own a 600+ foot ship but this give me a taste of what it would be like!  So another day to relax be for the intensive ports of Phuket Thailand and Myanmar that would be up next.

For your enjoyment here are a few photos of Singapore from our 2010 trip there!  Wow it has been 6 year almost to the day since we have been here!   Time passes quickly!

Promptly at 8:00 PM (during our dinner) we set sail for Thailand!   Next post Phuket!


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