March 30 to April 3 or from Singapore to Phuket then Myanmar

Continuing on with the trip.   We set sail from Singapore at 8:00 PM Wednesday evening bound for Phuket Thailand.  To get to Phuket we would have a day at sea and we would be cruising through the Strait of Malacca.  Beth and I were having dinner in the main dining room Wednesday for the sail away from Singapore.  Singapore is an amazing port to sail into and out of.  Ships all around of all types and sizes, plus the cityscape all lit up, it was something to see.  Dinner like always great!  The next day at sea was relaxing or as busy as you want it to be.  As we were in the Straits of Malacca there were fishing boat everywhere.  Also as these are considered pirate waters so we had our first (and only) pirate drill.  Basically it is a get inside away from the windows and down low so you don’t get shot.  So we sat in the hallway while the crew did their anti pirate stuff.  Such as deploy water cannons and other exciting toys.  At 8:00 AM we were tied up in the harbor in Phuket.  Unfortunately we were not at the typical cruise ship dock but at the commercial shipping dock.  Not a big deal for us as we were going on a shore excursion to James Bond Island.  There were two James Bond movies shot at this location.  Very pretty area and I’ll let the photos tell the story.  We had a long bus ride, and an interesting boat ride to see this area.  Unfortunately this is a very big tourist area and it has in many ways been degraded with too many tour boats and trash in the water.  I know we were part of the problem, except I did not throw any trash into the water.  Still a stunning area, but long term tourism is going to kill this area.


Sunrise on a Sea Day


Now that’s an outboard motor!   (Chevy small block 454?)  Notice no silencer on the exhaust 🙂


Local village on the water


Stunning sights on the way to James Bond Island


Another  village!


Local boats  (love the engines)



Tourist At JB Island


Yea more tourist at JB


Tourist boats at JB waiting for their guest.



On Saturday   April 2nd we had another sea day while we cruised on the Andaman Sea making passage to Burma.  On April3 we arrived in Burma at the early time of 10:00 AM.  Since we actually arrived at the scheduled time of 10:00 AM we had decided to stay on the ship this first day in Burma.  Our second day in Burma we went to the ancient Mon capital of Bago.  This excursion sounded good but was reasonably average.  We visited a WWII war memorial, a Buddhist temple, had a good local lunch, and went to another temple (Wat) and before returning to the ship visited the rundown Mon village.  Meha!


WWII Cemetery 


1 of thousands of Wats

Buddhist Monastery


Ginormous reclining Buddha! 

Myanmar (Burma) has much potential but I think we did the wrong excursion, but we did get to see the countryside but had a ton of ass time on the bus.  Traffic is unbelievable.   It is so bad that we had a police escort for the busses.  Also I can only describe the area and how some of the folks live not as 3rd world but as 5th world.  Sanitation is relatively unknown; they just piss and shit where they are and throw their trash everywhere.  This we would see again in India.  If you throw it in the river you going to eat it someday!  The people are very friendly and want to engage the tourist but they need to pick up their trash!   Plastic Plastic everywhere you turn.  I can see the potential and I’m glad we came but……

Next Stop Kochi India, but not until we spend 3 days at sea cruising the Bay of Bengal and the Laccadive sea!  All very cool and part of Kevin’s bucket list!


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