M/V Autumn Dream Update 6/12/16

Since this Blog is suppose to be about our pilothouse trawler M/V Autumn Dream I thought I should do a short post about her.  Well as you know Autumn Dream was for sale.  Well she is now under contract.  So that means that we have basically sold her before the house sold.  Good that this happened but kind of unexpected.  The buyer is a great guy who knows boats and was looking for a “boat with soul”.  His words not mine.  Autumn Dream has a ton of soul.

Well this past Friday Autumn Dream had the “out of water” buyer’s survey.  She passed this with flying colors.  The surveyor like her so much and was so impressed with her condition that he wants to write a bad survey so that the current buyer won’t buy her-  so he can buy her  (LOL).   Just a joke but he was exceptionally impressed.  When Beth and I bought her we had difficulty finding a surveyor who would survey the boat because of her age.  Once we found a surveyor and had the survey done, that surveyor was also blown away.  The survey on Friday showed that her decks were dry and the bottom was in exceptional condition.

The surveyor made a very interesting comment => that he was not happy with his office assistant for setting up a survey for a boat this old on a Friday.  Old boats are always a pain!   Well, when he was done he told me that this was a much better survey than he has seen in years.  Most much newer boats (less than 3 years old) do not survey as well as Autumn Dream!  We knew she was special and we hate to let her go but it is time to do so!  The new owner will be a good steward to Autumn Dream and that makes us very happy.

So one more step before the transaction is complete, and that is the sea trial.  This should be a non-issue as she runs like a top and with her new damper plate, water pump, hoses and all the rest of our hard work this past winter I don’t see much chance for issues.  However she is still a BOAT and anything can happen!  If all goes well the deal should close by end of month and we can concentrate on the house!


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