Here is a post that was lost and is now found and published!  From the March 2016 time-frame!  enjoy


We had a pair of red tail hawks visit a few weeks ago.  They spent an hour in the back yard.


Red Tail Hawk

We had some nice weather last week and drove down to Narragansett RI with Dave and Pat to see the seals.  A hike down to the shore and along the beach, and there they were; harbor seals grunting and calling on the rocks.  The photo was taken with my new camera on the PHD (point here dummy) setting, using the max (digital) zoom.



On the way back Kevin and Dave found a “classic car”.


Classic Car

We have a showing of Autumn Dream this weekend.  Kevin has been putting things back together- replacing hoses, adding anti-freeze, etc.  Pretty soon it will be time to take the cover off.  If she doesn’t sell, she will move to Florida with us.

We found the oven & cook top for the new kitchen – Blue Star.  Nice stuff!



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