M/V Autumn Dream has a new owner!


Well as many of you know we have had Autumn Dream on and off and back on the market.  She went back on the market back in Feb of 2016 for a new and improved price after we completed some repairs to the engine, transmission and running gear.  Oh yea the water pump also.  Well a few weeks ago we had a showing with a local couple who really liked her, but they never came back.  Next another guy wanted to see her and told the boat broker that he was looking for a boat with soul.  So I showed this new guy the boat ( and her soul but he could see that she had a ton of soul)and he fell in love with her.  By the end of the showing we basically had a deal.  He had to formalize this with the broker but soon the deal was inked and we had a deposit.  If you’re smart when buying a boat you try and find a good marine surveyor to do a survey.  This guy was not new to boating and scheduled both a land survey (Pre-launch), and a sea trial, including engine oil and transmission fluid chemical analysis.  The survey was scheduled on a Friday and when the surveyor showed up he was not overly happy as his experience with boats this old is not good.  And to have one of these on a Friday could make for a long day.  However he did not know Autumn Dream.  He started his survey by sounding the bottom with a hammer and testing for moisture.  Typically with old boats the hulls can become saturated with water and since the hull is a fiberglass laminates they can de-laminate.  However after about 5 minutes of the 60 minutes of hull inspection he was starting to see that Autumn Dream was not a floating wreck but an exceptionally maintained vessel.  As he moved to the topside after finding zero issues with the hull he was now thinking that the deck could be soggy plywood under the fiberglass coating of the deck.  Once again the deck was found to be sound.  He and I were talking about Autumn Dream and he was telling me that he typically looks at 3 year old boats that are saturated and ready for major repairs.  This is not to say Autumn Dream is 100% perfect, but so close to it that he said if the perspective buyer changed his mind he would buy her!  No he was not kidding.  He actually told this to the buyer.  So the on-shore survey went off with only a few very minor issues.  Next up was the sea trial.  About a week and a half after the shore side survey we launched her and did the sea trial.   The only issues found were a clogged shower sump pump and the spotlight was not working.  I rectified these two issues in about an hour.   The spotlight connection was a little corroded quickly cleaned and the shower sump had some hair plugging the drain line!  They also ran a fluid analysis on the engine oil looking for Chromium which is a sign of piston ring ware.  Everything came back as in very good condition.  She ran well on the sea trial and the surveyor once again commented that he would buy her if the deal fell through.  Well to make a long story short the deal closed last Friday July 2nd.  So Autumn Dream has a new owner.  He is the kind of person you would want to have bought the boat that you loved.  I know he will take good care of her and he has offered us use of her if we ever want to take her out.  We really like the new owner and we look forward to seeing her sail by our house as he takes her into the bay.  The new owner has a few boats.  This is not his first rodeo.  He currently has a 29 foot sailboat in the Sea of Cortez that he has also offered to us whenever we want to go there!  Exceptionally nice guy and we look forward to a new friendship!  We wish the new owner safe cruising and smooth seas!  We know Autumn Dream will take care of him and he will take care of Autumn Dream.  Yes we are a little sad to see her go, but we look forward to our new life in FLA if we can ever sell this house!  Typically the house is the easy thing to sell not the boat!


M/V Autumn Dream waiting for her new owner!

As far as this blog MV Autumn Dream I’ll finish as few entries about the trip but then we will see.  This blog will end but watch this space so we can direct you to the new blog if we decide to write one!


One response to “M/V Autumn Dream has a new owner!

  1. Congrats! Another step forward!!

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