Quiet lately…

We haven’t written anything since we finished the sale on Autumn Dream.  Since this blog is called “MV Autumn Dream”, and she is now being enjoyed by her new owner, we are trying to decide whether to start a new blog, keep this one going, or just stop blogging.  We know that some friends keep up to date by reading this, and others stay in touch through Facebook, so it is a tough decision.

So what has been going on?  Well, as you know the house is for sale, and we are in a bit of limbo as far as moving and starting to build in FLA until the house is sold.  Please, someone be interested enough for a showing… once you are inside, you will want to buy!  While we wait, we are enjoying Summer on the South Coast.  You just can’t beat this retirement gig, so much better than working!

I (Beth) have been busy sewing, reading, and cooking.  Seems like lots of cooking.  We were watching Cooks Country one evening on PBS/Create and they demonstrated a “quicker cinnamon bun” recipe.  First time I tried it I added Pecans.  YUM.  A friend thought I said I added bacon.  BACON??? What an AWESOME Idea!  Yes, last week I added BACON and walnuts instead of Pecans, and we have a new favorite… Cinnamon BACON Walnut buns!


Cinnamon BACON Walnut buns. YUM.

I tried making a version of Chicken Mole, and Kevin liked it, so that has been added to the repertoire… There has been an occasional harvest of Squash or cherry tomatoes from the garden.  The Jalapeños had a late start but now have lots of peppers growing.  Might have to try something like cheese stuffed Jalapenos on the grill.  Unfortunately, the Poblanos flower and do not fruit.  I was looking forward to using those in refried beans.  I think the squash stole all the nutrients from the Poblano Chile plant.

I really get a kick out of eating food I grew myself.  I know lots of people do it, but growing up in NYC, vegetables came out of cans, or maybe the freezer… and to pick something and cook it that day is just great.


A Siamese Twin squash!

We have been taking road trips, spent a few days on the Cape with Dave & Pat, finding new restaurants, reading some interesting books, and trying to make sure we have our 3.6 mile walk every morning; if the forecast is HOT, we go before our first cup of coffee… if it isn’t going to be “wicked humid” we go after, and then have our second with a treat (see the cinnamon buns mentioned earlier) after we cool down.

Speaking of books, I just finished Sy Montgomery’s “Soul of an Octopus“.  Not a bad read…

soul of octopus

Soul of an Octopus

Sorry things aren’t more exciting around here…  I guess we are just enjoying the summer!


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