Mumbai, India

I promised that I would finish the trip log eventually.  This retirement thing keeps me going quite a bit so I have not found (made) the time to do an update.  So here it is.

Leaving  Cochin at 6:00 PM on Saturday April 9 we set a course northward toward Mumbai.  This was a 592 Nautical mile run so we would have a day at sea between the two ports.  Love sea days!

We arrived in Mumbai on Monday morning April 11 at 8:00 AM.  Coming into the harbor was very interesting as we saw a great number of ships of all size and shapes.  Many oil exploration and support vessels and Indian Navy vessels.  After the fun in Cochin and having our sure excursion canceled in Mumbai we decided to stay on the ship and not due an excursion in Mumbai.  We did visit the gift shops in the terminal but did not find anything we were willing to spend our money on.  This was a changeover day for the ship so it was interesting to see all the activity and supplies coming on and trash and recyclables going off the ship.  Unknown to us we had an unwelcome guest also come on board here in Mumbai.  Norovirus and idiots!  All the way from Hong Kong to Mumbai everyone was healthy and no Norovirus.  From Mumbai to Athens we had the virus and ignorant passengers who were confined to their quarters with Norovirus but were actually wandering around the ship infection others.  This issue lasted till we got to Athens.  Fortunately Beth and I managed to not get it but it was a real bummer for the rest of the trip for the healthy passengers and the poor crew went through hell trying to control it!   Hats off to the crew but they never stopped cleaning and cleaning.  Biggest problem was the idiot passengers who felt that they paid for this trip and dam to hell everyone else.  No matter if they were sick they could wander the ship contaminating all the others!  This really put a bad taste on the second half of the cruise for us!

On a positive side I did get to visit some Middle Eastern countries, pass through the Suez Canal and return to some of the Greek islands we have visited previously.  So here are a few photos of Mumbai and the remainder of the trip!


Tug Boat in Mumbai


Indian Navy in Mumbai


Indian Aircraft Carrier  –  notice the ski jump at the far end of the runway!  hmm.


Mumbai skyline at Sunset!

After leaving Mumbai we went to Salalah, Oman  –  first time in the Middle East!  Not very photogenic stop but very nice people, then on to Jordan where we visited Petra!   Stunning, stunning.  But very long bus ride to to get there from Aqaba,  Jordan.   From Jordan we went to Safaga Egypt where we chose to not get of the ship to join the 14 hour buss ride to the valley of the Kings under a military escort!  Next day was the Suez Canal  – 105 NM of sand and more sand with a waterway running through it!   Cool but very boring.   Did I mention we saw sand.  Oh also flies and guard post along the canal!


Yup really in the Middle East!   A Hyundai in Jordan


Entrance to Petra and the start of a long hot hike to see the city!


On the walk to Petra!


Pathway to Petra


After a long walk the first iconic glimpse at the famous Treasury building


Yup a camel!  My first on in their homeland!


Famous Treasury in Petra!   No sign of Dr. Jones


Much more to see in the City of Petra, a few hours are not enough!


Friend along the way!


Hmm  must have moved the canal, or the captain was drinking???


A different Ferrari than you expect to see in Haifa


This is a private yacht!  Not a cruise ship!  (in Rhodes Greece)


View in Rhodes!


Santorini, Greece


Major dig in Santorini, exceptionally cool!


Good Ship Nautica in Santorini caldera!

So after leaving Santorini we arrived in Athens to leave for home!  To total distance traveled on this trip was 9000 nautical miles, 35 days!  Hong Kong China to Athens Greece.  Great trip!  Trip never felt to long and only managed to put on 7 pounds after all the great food on the M/S Nautica with Oceania Cruises.  Obviously I have a million more photo but only wanted to bore you with a few!   Hope you enjoyed the trip with us!


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