New Headliner


New roll of Headliner fabric


One of the frames with the old, stained headliner


New panels, ready to be installed

Before we sold Autumn Dream to Dr. Andy, we had a list of upgrades and improvements that we were going to make.  If you own a boat or a house, you know that there are always things to do….

So, after we bought Autumn Dream back, we went through our list and started working.  Kevin has been busy with his list, but I wanted to share one of the items on mine.

The headliner in the stateroom was in very good condition, so nothing was needed there.  We removed the headliner in the main saloon previously, as it had some staining from an old leak.  We really liked how it looked without the headliner.  So the only headliner that needed replacing was in the Pilot House.

In the pilot house, the headliner is installed in panels, so it made it a lot easier to  remove and replace.

We brought the panels home, to measure and order replacement Headliner fabric, without foam.  Defender had the best prices, as usual!  In the pilot house we wanted it to breathe, and didn’t need the sound insulation, so no foam backing required.  I took the old staples out of the frames to remove the old fabric.  There were some obvious repairs – including the wrong (not stainless) staples, and masking tape holding some of the fabric onto the frame.  Lots of the staples broke, so Kevin and I both had “fun” pulling out little bits of metal.

Kevin repaired two of the frames that were cracked, and then we installed the new fabric with the RIGHT staples.  Last step will be to install and cut the hole for a nicro solar vent, and we will do that after some of the other projects are done.

This was an EASY project!



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