Hello Everyone and welcome to the Blog MV Autumn Dream.  This Blog is Kevin and Beth’s blog covering all things going on in our life.  Kevin and Beth like to travel and meet people from all over the world.  We have been fortunate to have seen a small portion of the world and have met many wonderful people.   This blog is multi purpose – it is  used to keep all our new and old friends up to date.   Also as a chronicle of our stewardship of the MV Autumn Dream, referenced in the title of this blog.  The name  is in reference to our vintage 1971 – 32 foot Lang Pilothouse Trawler.  We plan to chronicle  the ups and down of ownership of an older trawler.  We’ll let you know about our voyages and the frustrations and joys of boat ownership.  This is our first power boat, however its more like our previous sail boats since the speed is about the same as a sail boat.


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  1. Brad & Holly Geres

    HI, Kevin and Beth.

    I saw your recent reply to a post on my friend Dave’s http://trawlerdriftaway.blogspot.com where you make reference to your 32 Lang.

    I’m intrigued by your boat… had no idea Lang had made a trawler.

    I picked up a gutted 1975 Lang sportsfisher a while back with the intention of giving it a new interior flexible enough to do some casual fishing and light cruising. We got it for less than $5000 and have put about that much again into it so far.

    Heres a slideshow of the project to date:


    The boat is now in the water, been run, camped on, and is awaiting winter projects to make it more hospitable.

    I’m curious if you could share how yours is powered and what sort of performance you’ve seen. We’ve got a two-stroke Detroit Diesel Series 71.

    Also, do you have more photos? I’m curious how the interior has been handled around the (rather pinched) bow section.

    Regards, Brad & Holly – New Bern, NC

  2. Brad & Holly Geres

    I’m not terribly good with blogs and missed any direct response. That said I’m still quite interested so can you give me a more specific link, please?

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